Longer than our standard monthly meetings, this two half-day event aims to capture the feeling of our residential six-monthly meetings in an online format. Packed with content including interesting talks, informal networking opportunities, an exhibition space you can browse at your leisure, and a social event, this is set to be the Turing Urban Analytics event of the year.

About the event

This series brings together members of the urban analytics research community once a month for presentations and discussion of recent research, hosted by the Turing’s Urban Analytics programme.

Although aimed at academics (at all career stages), it is envisaged that there will also be sessions with participation from stakeholders in industry and government.

Outcomes from previous events

July 2020 monthly meet up

Delivering societal impact through place-based Urban Analytics (Mark Mon-Williams, University of Leeds)

Strategic Urban Digital Twins: Optimising urban development for long-term sustainable planning (Alistair Ford, Newcastle University)

"Prefer not to declare" may declare a lot (Ana Basiri, University College London)


Spring Festival of Urban Analytics

28 April:

13:00-13:20 Welcome and opening addresses

13:20-15:20 Delivering Societal Impact through Place-Based Urban Analytics - LIDA intern project talks

15:20-16:00 Break and time for speed networking/expo

16:00-16:45 Talks from University of Exeter

17:00-18:30 Social event


29 April:

09:00-10:00 Keynote - Stuart Barr, AURIN

10:00-11:00 Shocks & resilience (

11:00-11:40 Break and time for speed networking/expo

11:40-12:40 PhD student talks

12:40-13:00 Wrap-up and close


(Both days) Networking & Expo open throughout

Expo booths to include:

  • Intelligent mobility
  • REMUS (RAMP Covid project)
  • Urban Digital Twins (QUANT + SPENSER)
  • Colouring London

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