Visualization for data science and AI


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Friday 13 Sep 2019
Time: 09:45 - 18:30

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The fields of data science and AI involve processes and generate outputs that can be challenging for humans to understand. In many situations it is essential to understand and gain deep insights about these phenomena in order to make decisions in the real world. The role of Data Visualization in these situations is to enhance human cognition, providing faster and more accurate insights.  

There is a real and growing gap between big data and the human ability to comprehend and act upon the analysis of that data. Research in the science and engineering of visualization needs to respond to this challenge in order that data and data products remain comprehensible to people. 

About the event

This one day symposium will explore the latest science and engineering in Data Visualization, including a training workshop, demonstrations and presentations from leading UK researchers and innovators, and a forward-thinking keynote from an international speaker.

This event is suitable for individuals who are are interested in the following areas of data science and AI:

  • Data engineers seeking to design data systems and ETL pipelines without bias.
  • Data scientists seeking to understand the operation of analytics and machine learning.
  • Business and financial analysts seeking insights to live and historical data streams.
  • High-level decision makers seeking accurate, timely summaries of complex uncertain events.

Visualization theory and practice cuts across all the challenge themes at the Turing, if you have an interest in visualization come and network with leaders in the field.


Agenda for "Visualization for data science and AI"

Creating and effectively using visualization techniques in real-world applications, Keynote talk from Jörn Kohlhammer


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The Alan Turing Institute

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