Call for authors: Literature reviews on “The Future of Work” and “Artificial Intelligence in Finance”

The Alan Turing Institute is seeking to commission two literature reviews, one on “The Future of Work” and one on “Artificial Intelligence in Finance,” to inform future strategy.

Each review should be up to 10,000 words in length and should summarise relevant academic and policy literature, identify knowledge gaps and highlight opportunities for future work. They should be written for interested specialist and non-specialist audiences and should set out the key questions in the field, the empirical challenges to answering these questions, the approaches existing work has taken and the results found. The reviews should be international in scope but should make special mention of the UK.

“The Future of Work” review should cover recent changes in work and how work is likely to change in the future. Relevant dimensions include participation, organisational structure (legal form and type of employer), tasks at work and remuneration. Emphasis should be given to potential drivers of these changes such as technology, globalisation and the tax system.

The “Artificial Intelligence in Finance” review should address the application of artificial intelligence to the provision of financial services. Techniques of interest include (but are not limited to): econometric modelling, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, image detection, network analysis, anomaly detection etc. Applications include (but are not limited to): customer analytics, fraud detection, default prediction, identity verification, task automation and virtual customer assistants.

£5,000 is available for each review. Applications are open to academics (including PhD students), and to specialists outside academia. In both cases, we expect coverage of academic and policy literature.

To apply, send a CV including relevant publications (maximum two A4 sides) and an outline (maximum one A4 side) to Programme Manager Dr Milly Zimeta ( describing:

  • Which review you are interested in (if both, please submit two outlines)
  • The researcher (or researchers, if co-authoring) who would be involved and their suitability for conducting the review
  • The focus and scope your review would take and the literatures you would draw on

Your cover email should include the contact details of two referees who can speak to the quality and professionalism of your written work – including completion and punctuality.

The subject line of your application email should be: “Application: Call for Reviews.”

The deadline for applications is 11:59PM on 31 January 2018.

Reviews would be expected to commence by mid-February 2018 and completed by 31 March 2018.

Questions can be directed to Programme Manager Dr Milly Zimeta