What is data science?

Data science has emerged in response to the growing need to make sense of the billions of gigabytes of data generated globally every day, and their powerful impact on our society, economy and way of life.

But what exactly is it?

To mark one year since our launch as the national centre for data science, we talked to some of the social scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, engineers, and industry and government thinkers who are driving this new area of research in The Alan Turing Institute about what data science means to them – and the role of the Institute in pioneering this new science.

With thanks to:

Douglas Flint, HSBC

James Geddes, The Alan Turing Institute

Ruth King, University of Edinburgh

Vidhi Lalchand, Turing/University of Cambridge

Ioanna Manolopoulos, UCL

Suzy Moat, University of Warwick

Jim Smith, University of Warwick

Charles Sutton, University of Edinburgh

Mark Walport, HM Government

Frank Wood, University of Oxford

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