Does the algorithm know best?

We are delighted to announce that The Alan Turing Institute will be partnering with the Royal Statistical Society on an event at this year’s Cheltenham Science Festival.

The Institute and RSS session will take place on Thursday 8 June 4.45-5.45pm, and will debate how algorithms dominate society, and whether companies and government need to do more to explain how they work.

Hetan Shah (CEO of the Royal Statistical Society) will chair the discussion, with Luciano Floridi (Turing Faculty Fellow and Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at University of Oxford), Jeni Tennison (CEO of Open Data Institute), and Sue Daley (Big data expert TechUK) taking part in a panel discussion.

Luciano Floridi, panellist and Chair of The Alan Turing Institute’s Data Ethics Group, commented:

“How fair is it that a computer algorithm can determine the news you read, the search results you get, whether you are hired for a job and event if you are likely to commit a crime? The question of how algorithms make decisions about us is important to everyone with a stake in today’s digital society, and I look forward to joining the panel at Cheltenham to discuss the issues.”

Hetan Shah commented:

“How we make algorithms our servants and not our masters is a key question of the day, and so we are delighted to partner with the Alan Turing Institute to debate this issue.”

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