The Alan Turing Institute: Shaping our Strategy

The Alan Turing Institute is just over six months into its life as a fully launched research institute. To mark this pivotal point in our journey, today the Institute publishes a new document which gives an update on the Institute’s progress and priorities, and outlines the thinking behind our developing strategy.

Table showing the strategic priorities of the Alan Turing Institute.

Shaping our Strategy outlines the Institute’s foundational research strengths in mathematical representations, inference and learning, systems and platforms, and social science methods and expertise for understanding human behaviour from data. Furthermore, it identifies for the first time the sectors that we will focus our translational research on: a diverse and cross-disciplinary programme ranging from engineering, technology and defence and security, to health and wellbeing, smart cities and financial services.

These strategic priorities have emerged from an open, peer-reviewed scoping exercise undertaken from May 2015 to February 2016, which involved over 30 workshops with more than 1000 individuals from industry, government and academia drawn from the UK and overseas. A full report detailing the scoping process can be downloaded here.

We strongly encourage partnership and research collaboration, and invite further applications to our fellowship and studentship schemes.

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Notes to Editors

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