Turing response to the 2017 budget

We welcome the Government’s commitment to emerging tech in today’s budget, specifically the investment of over £75m to take forward key recommendations of the independent review on AI, new AI fellowships and PhD researchers, and a new Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation to ensure and enable ethical innovation in AI and data-driven technologies.

At the Turing, we are spearheading research in AI across a range of domains, including using AI to identify cancers and improve medical diagnosis, automate data analytics and prevent fraud and money-laundering.

We have a growing cohort of researchers working on issues relating to data ethics and, as a complement to the government initiative, are working with the Nuffield Foundation and other organisations to establish a Convention to tackle the ethical and social issues arising from data use, artificial intelligence and associated technologies.

The announcements made today by Government will ensure even more recognition for these vital areas of research and innovation, and we look forward to hearing more in subsequent announcements.


For more information, please contact:

Sophie McIvor, Head of Communications