19 academics from the University of Southampton, drawn from mathematics, computer science, medicine, ocean and earth sciences, physics, electronics and other disciplines, have joined The Alan Turing Institute as Fellows.

The Fellows will be working across the Institute’s different research challenges and will also bring to the Institute specific projects covering topics from machine learning for space physics to AI and inclusion.

The University of Southampton joined The Alan Turing Institute in April 2018. Southampton Turing Fellows will join more than 280 new Fellows who have joined the Institute from our extended partner university network since the start of our third academic year in October 2018.

Following the Institute’s university expansion and the growth of its research programmes and partners, the Institute now counts over 400 researchers in its community, including Turing Fellows (the largest group, made up of senior academics spending a portion of their time at the Institute), Turing Research Fellows (independent researchers employed by a partner university and based at the Institute), Doctoral Students (full time or spending an ‘enrichment’ period at the Institute) and visiting researchers from academia, business and government.

Please visit the University of Southampton’s website for more information about their involvement with the Alan Turing Institute.

Southampton Turing Fellows joining the Institute today:

Dr Cristian Bravo, Decision Analytics and Risk

Dr Nicholas Fuggle, MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit

Dr Philip Greulich, Mathematical Sciences

Dr George Konstantinidis, Electronics & Computer Science

Professor Ben MacArthur, Medicine and Social Sciences (joint appointment)

Dr Thomas Monks, Health Sciences

Dr Helen Ogden, Mathematical Sciences

Professor Hou-Duo Qi, Mathematical Sciences

Dr Faisal Rezwan, Human Development & Health

Professor Marika Taylor, Mathematical Sciences

Professor David Woods, Mathematical Sciences and S3RI

Dr Alain Zemkoho, Mathematical Sciences

Professor Jacek Brodzki, Mathematical Sciences

Dr Thomas Gernon, Ocean and Earth Science

Dr Caitriona Jackman, Physics & Astronomy

Professor Sarvapali Ramchurn, Electronics & Computer Science

Professor Elena Simperl, Electronics and Computer Science

Professor Peter WF Smith, Social Statistics and Demography

Professor Mike Wald, Electronics & Computer Science

Full biographies and information about the new Turing Fellows are searchable on our People page.