With students from diverse disciplines ranging from agriculture to engineering, and from law to health, the Turing is delighted to welcome an energetic new cohort of enrichment and doctoral students. There are 54 new students joining the Institute for the academic year 2019/2020. This includes 19 Doctoral students, and 35 Enrichment students.

New enrichment student Beatriz Gomes, who joins the Turing from the University of Manchester, is excited about the opportunities the placement will provide for her research.

“As a final year PhD student this placement has provided a new chapter to my thesis that I didn’t have before,” she said.

Doctoral student Joseph Early, from the University of Southampton, said, “Having now met the new cohort of students, I’m excited at the prospect of collaborating with lots of different people from different backgrounds and disciplines.”

The research of doctoral student Szymon Walkowiak, from UCL, will include using deep reinforcement learning to diagnose early-symptoms of dementia. Szymon is eagerly anticipating the start of his PhD at the Turing as his research ‘bridges the gap between lots of different disciplines’.

This year the Turing has students joining from academic institutions across the UK, including: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; University of Exeter; University of Manchester; University of Sussex; UCL; University of Cambridge; QMUL; University of Bath; University of Bristol; University of Warwick; Newcastle University ; University of Birmingham; Kings College London; University College Dublin; University of Edinburgh; University of Oxford; University of Southampton; University of Leeds.

The expanded Turing Enrichment scheme will open for new applications in November for start dates in October 2020 and January 2021.