AI UK 2022: 100 data scientists to take on climate change challenge

Participants will be challenged to come up with insight to certain climate change issues at AI UK 2022, hosted by The Alan Turing Institute

Tuesday 15 Mar 2022

Around 100 data science researchers will come together next week to take on a timed data challenge to help tackle some of the biggest climate change issues facing the world today. 

The group will be split into teams and will have three hours to analyse a series of data sets on carbon dioxide levels, temperature changes, prediction of sea level changes and sentiments around climate change.  

The multi-disciplinary teams will be tasked with producing conclusions to help solve real-world problems.  

They will not be tied to a specific research question. Instead, they will have the freedom to explore the data as they wish.  

Jules Manser, Applied Skills Programme Manager at The Alan Turing Institute, said: “We’re really excited to bring together such a large group of experts at AI UK this year. What’s different about these challenges is that we’re not asking the participants to test a particular research question. We’re really looking forward to seeing what the teams come up with and how that might inform our work.” 

This is part of the well-established Data Study Groups at The Alan Turing Institute which brings together some of the country’s top talent from data science and artificial intelligence to analyse real-world data science challenges.  

The results will be presented on stage at AI UK on March 24 at 15:15. Secure you place.