Today, we are proud to unveil our highly anticipated programme for The Turing Presents: AI UK, an online showcase featuring the very best of UK work in artificial intelligence and machine learning. View the full programme and book now.

Previously unpublished highlights:  

While COVID-19 is our current crisis, there are others looming on the horizon and impacting our world simultaneously, including the climate emergency, increasing concerns about inequality, a mental health crisis (the new UK epidemic) and the steep road to economic recovery. 

AI UK will address all of these issues in turn, highlighting the positive role AI and data science can play, as well as the technical and ethical pitfalls we must grapple with along the way. In addition, experts at the coalface of the ongoing public health crisis will discuss why AI has had such little impact on the pandemic thus far. Can there be a post-pandemic AI panacea?   

The role of human-centric AI and data science in responding to socio-economic shocks and recovery has never been greater. Join Chief Data Scientist Louisa Nolan from the Office of National Statistics and other experts sharing how AI and data science can help us recover from the impact of COVID-19. The discussion will feature innovative research making the UK more resilient to future crises, from digital twinning of the economy to access to data.

As the UK takes the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) Presidency in Glasgow in 2021, the AI and data science sector is ramping up the use of technology to combat climate change. Hear from leading scientists monitoring and predicting climate change through innovative methods from the Antarctic to the forest floor. Also learn from those dealing with mitigation and adaptation by future proofing our cities, building efficient sustainable engineering and agricultural systems, and pre-empting climate security challenges. 

In light of recent events, we present a solutions-orientated session addressing pressing inequality issues, from algorithmic fairness to diversity. In Doing Better in Data Science, a panel of STEM, diversity and ethics experts reflect on the changes in the AI research sector since the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement, to the Ofqual grading controversy in 2020 and how our community can continue to do better and ensure AI is for everyone. Join DeepMind’s Shakir Mohamed, Microsoft’s Danielle Belgrave and more as this panel highlights 10 ways the AI and data science community can do better in 2021. Solutions will be co-created with the audience, with a focus on action.

There will also be opportunities for the community to come together, relax, network, and socialise, with stand-up mathematician Matt Parker performing an original set for attendees on the evening of the first day. A final session on day two allows everyone to unwind, rounding off the full two days with ‘Through the looking glass’ featuring broadcaster Timandra Harkness, The Economist’s Kenn Cukier, and comedian Ruby Wax OBE. They join a panel of creative thinkers and pioneering scientists for a classic conversation about flying cars and immortality, peering into the future to debate what the next 5, 10, 20, or 50 years might bring.      

AI UK sessions collage

Other unique, must-see sessions and exhibitions: 

Can AI solve it?: A live mini ‘hackathon’ co-hosted with Accenture, mixing academics and market-leading companies to brainstorm in real-time by applying data science and AI solutions to actual business and public sector challenges.  

AI in action: Meet the UK’s leading researchers and experience their demos, from robot fish to gamified AI. Watch live, ask questions, and follow up via chat! Featuring our showcase MC Gemma Milne, science and technology journalist, researcher, author and the co-host of the Radical Science podcast. 

Curated sessions and exhibits: Choose from a variety of interactive sessions, including Careers in AI, technical roundtables for the academic community, as well as student science and art exhibitions. 


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