The Alan Turing Institute defines eight research challenges to drive its data science and artificial intelligence research

Tuesday 22 May 2018

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Today The Alan Turing Institute publishes eight new research challenges which we judge to be the areas in which data science and AI can have a game-changing effect on science, society and the economy. These challenges are representative of broader areas of science the Institute works in and will not be led by the Turing alone, but depend on significant collaboration and partnerships. 

Turing challenges


The fundamental goal behind all our research is to build a data and AI enriched world for the benefit of all. The eight challenges:

  • Revolutionise healthcare
  • Deliver safer, smarter data-centric engineering
  • Manage security in an insecure world
  • Shine a light on our economy
  • Make algorithmic decisions fair, transparent and ethical
  • Design computers for the next generation of algorithms
  • Supercharge research in science and humanities
  • Foster government innovation

The challenges are detailed in a new document published today, Growing the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, which also shares our vison for working with universities and industry, third sector and public sector partners. New challenges will be considered as the Institute grows and new priorities and technologies emerge.

Institute CEO Alan Wilson, commented:

“Our long-term vision is for the Turing to be the centre of a connected network that brings together academic expertise from the UK’s world-class university sector with industry, government, and third sector partners to catalyse, apply and drive global impact in data science and artificial intelligence.

“The document published today maps our priorities and presents eight ambitious challenges which we will use to focus and direct our research activities. There has never been a more significant time to work in data science and artificial intelligence, and I look forward to working with all our researchers, partners and the wider community to drive forward positive impact in these new technologies.”

Read the full document: Growing the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

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