The Alan Turing Institute responds to Commons Science and Technology Committee report on Robotics and AI

Wednesday 12 Oct 2016


The Alan Turing Institute welcomes the publication of the Science and Technology Committee report on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Advances in AI, and the machine learning technologies which underpin it, are essential components to the success of the emerging field of data science. In such a fast-changing environment, it is essential that the social, ethical and legal implications are considered carefully alongside the many potential benefits of these technologies.

At The Alan Turing Institute, we bring together researchers across disciplines – among them experts in machine learning and AI, and social data scientists including experts in data ethics – to work together to generate world-class data science research, drive impact, train the next generation of data scientists, and pioneer this new discipline.

As such the Institute is well placed to play a leading role, with other key organisations in the field, in ensuring the framework for future development of AI technologies takes account of public views while enabling innovation to flourish, and we welcome the opportunity to work with UK government as it develops its thinking.

For more information please contact:

Sophie McIvor

Head of Communications

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