As we begin our first academic year, the Board of Trustees for The Alan Turing Institute has introduced a new organisational structure to reflect the move from our start-up phase to full operations.

A new CEO

Sir Alan Wilson FBA, FRS will join the Institute as CEO. The role of CEO has been created in order to lead the Institute’s engagement with its founding universities, strategic partners and government, and to enable the Institute Director, Professor Andrew Blake, to focus on driving the Institute’s research activities. Both will report to the Board and work closely with the Programme Committee.

Previously a Faculty Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute, Alan has stepped into the CEO position on an interim basis while the Board recruits for the permanent position.

Alan is a mathematician specialising in urban analytics, and spearheaded research in the evolution of cities. He was responsible for a number of techniques in urban modelling that are now commonly applied in building spatial interaction models. He was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds from 1991 to 2004, then Director-General for Higher Education in DfES, and currently sits as Chair of the Home Office Science Advisory Council.

A new Programme Committee

Professor Ulrike Tillman has been appointed as Chair of the Institute’s Programme Committee and Professor Jon Crowcroft as its Chair elect. The Programme Committee will work closely with the Institute Director and CEO to steer the Institute’s science and innovation activities.

Its members are:

Andrew Blake, Graham Cormode, Jon Crowcroft, Zoubin Ghahramani, Philippa Hemmings, Stephen Jarvis, Ruth King, Helen Margetts, John Shawe-Taylor, Jared Tanner, Ulrike Tillman, Chris Williams and Alan Wilson.

Additional members will be appointed in due course to ensure that the breadth of expertise reflects the research and innovation activities of the Institute as they develop.

The Board would like to extend its thanks to those who served on the science committee and programme committees which were in place in the Institute’s start-up phase. We are very grateful to Simon Arridge, David Firth, Ben Leimkuhler, Terry Lyons, Steve Renals, Gareth Roberts, Richard Samworth, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb and Robin Williams. Their support has been invaluable in getting us to this stage and we look forward to their continuing engagement with the Institute.

Particular thanks go to Professor Sofia Olhede who has stepped down as chair of the previous science committee and University Liaison Director for UCL in order to concentrate on her ERC fellowship. The Institute is working with UCL to recruit a new University Liaison Director who will join the Programme Committee when they are in post.

It has been an exceptional journey driving the Institute from start-up to full operations within eighteen months. We now look forward to delivering on the high expectations that have been set for us.

Howard Covington, Chair