The New Real Observatory, a new collaborative artificial intelligence (AI) and arts project, aims to bridge the gap between global environmental and climate datasets and models, and local, everyday perspectives.

The project will explore how AI and the arts can overcome the disconnect between people’s local experience of environment and global climate data and models. It builds on this ambition by creating accessible, tangible cultural experiences of the changing climate and our role within it. These climate-inspired cultural experiences will be created through a platform combining satellite data and advanced algorithms.

The New Real Observatory has been set up by Edinburgh Futures Institute's Experiential AI group, which is part of the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with The Alan Turing Institute, Edinburgh's Festivals and international partners. It was launched at COP26, which took place in Glasgow from 31 October – 9 November 2021. Discover more about The New Real at COP26.

It builds on the recent AWEN: A Walk Encountering Nature project, launched summer 2021, which is available online for people around the world to experience. It was developed by a broad interdisciplinary team of artists, designers, scientists and technologists and is led by Turing Fellow Drew Hemment. To try out the AWEN mobile experience, visit

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