The Alan Turing Institute’s AI UK 2022 will bring together experts to discuss the future of regulating online safety. 

The panel will feature some of the most important figures in current debates on how best to tackle issues facing the online world, from hate speech to misinformation.

The panel, hosted by Dr Bertie Vidgen, the Turing’s Head of Online Safety, includes Damian Collins MP, Chair of the Draft Online Safety Bill PLS in UK Parliament, Anna-Sophie Harling, Principal in Online Transparency at Ofcom, and Baroness Kidron, Founder and Chair of 5Rights.

A series of new laws have been introduced globally to regulate online harms, including the UK’s Online Safety Bill (2021). The panellists will discuss what the new bill means in practice and what else needs to be done to ensure the safety of users online. The group will also consider whether the existing regulation is fit for handling new and emerging technologies, such as augmented and immersive services like the Metaverse.

Dr Vidgen, Head of Online Safety at the Turing, said: “Online platforms offer an enormous opportunity for people to connect and access information, but if they are not designed, moderated and governed properly then there they can put peoples safety at risk.

“I’m pleased to be hosting this panel at such a crucial time in discussions around the future of regulating online safety and look forward to a lively conversation from our panellists on the future regulation of online safety.”

This session will take place on the public policy stage at AI UK. This stage aims to connect leading experts and policy makers to discuss the importance of developing ethical foundations for the use of data science and AI in policy-making.

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