How can AI help accelerate scientific discovery?

Thursday 09 Jun 2022

The Alan Turing Institute is pleased to announce Dr Alessandro Curioni (Vice President of IBM Research Europe and Africa) as the opening lecturer in the next series of The Turing Lectures. 

Dr Curioni is a leader in the area of high-performance computing and computational science. His innovative thinking and ground-breaking contributions have helped solve complex scientific and technological problems spanning healthcare, aerospace, consumer goods and electronics. 

In this thought-provoking lecture Dr Curioni will explore how artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing can accelerate the rate of discovery across many areas of society, from business to healthcare and policymaking.

This latest event in our prestigious lecture series will investigate how companies and labs are increasingly turning to AI, hybrid cloud and quantum computing to help accelerate discovery and turbocharge progress.

The Turing Lectures series features influential figures from the dynamic world of data science and artificial intelligence. Past lecturers have included academic and social entrepreneur Sue Black OBE; Google Deepmind’s, Nando de Freitas; mathematician, author and broadcaster, Hannah Fry; and author and social entrepreneur, Anne-Marie Imafidon.

Dr Curioni said: “The scientific method has always been at the core of how society has successfully tackled hard challenges. Science itself has advanced with each new tool at its disposal – consider telescopes for observing planetary motion, or computers for modeling and simulation”

“We are now at a time where the convergence of transformational technologies, like AI and quantum computing, are poised to accelerate scientific methods and their application to the discovery of new materials and more effective therapeutics. This will help our society deal with its most monumental challenges such as sustainability, climate change, and health.”

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