New agreement with Norwegian AI Research Consortium will foster international innovation

Thursday 14 Jul 2022

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The Alan Turing Institute has expanded its international research connections and collaborations by signing a new agreement with the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA)

Both organisations have recently signed an Operational Alliance Memorandum which formalises and strengthens their existing relationship at both a strategic and working level. 

The agreement allows the organisations to facilitate researcher exchange between them. It will enable them to work jointly on activities in areas of mutual interest, such as student events.  

The Alan Turing Institute will also be hosting Enrichment Students from NORA as part of a pilot scheme. This will help foster cooperation and lead to innovation on AI topics between the two countries. 

NORA is a Norwegian collaboration between eight universities, three university colleges and four research institutes within AI, machine learning and robotics. 

The memorandum was signed during the Norwegian AI delegation’s visit to London in April 2022. They visited The Alan Turing Institute’s offices where they received an introduction to work of the Turing, which included a presentation from the Turing’s Women in Data Science and AI project

Turing and NORA delegates signing the MoU
Image credit: Alex Moltzau (NORA)

A delegation from The Alan Turing Institute also visited The British Embassy in Oslo for an event focused on networking between women in tech. Allaine Cerwonka, Director of International and Associate Director for AI for Science and Government (ASG), Charlie Thomas, International Officer, and Erin Young, a Research Fellow on the Turing’s Women in Data Science project, presented at the event.

Institute Director and Chief Executive, Adrian Smith said: “International science collaborations are crucial to helping answer key questions in AI across all areas of society. Being able to draw on the combined expertise of researchers at the Turing, and across NORA’s universities and research institutes offers an exciting opportunity for innovation

Klas H. Pettersen, CEO at NORA said: “NORA is a national collaboration, and we are now building a national research school, a Norwegian AI Cloud for computing, innovation hubs, and research projects. Norway has a high degree of digitalisation and high-quality data, especially in health. However, Norway is a small country and international collaborations are crucial.

“For the Norwegian top researchers and AI talents, it is important to connect to the very best environments in the world, and this is exactly what we are doing in this collaboration. I am really looking forward to seeing collaborations unfold to the benefit of both parties.”