This autumn, The Alan Turing Institute and the British Library will continue their successful Data Debates series with the following two events, chaired by journalist and broadcaster Timandra Harkness:

Both of the debates will be held at the British Library’s Knowledge Centre auditorium and will examine the reality of AI in our everyday lives. Register via the British Library and find information on pricing and full details at the link above.

Advancements in technology are accelerating at such a rate that our legal frameworks, ethical norms and regulatory systems are struggling to keep pace. New technologies create exciting opportunities, but can also lead to concerns such as those raised by the use of facial recognition at the King's Cross site in London.

These debates will explore the way AI has infiltrated everything from our city streets to our news feeds and will discuss ways we can harness the same technologies to protect us, inform us and enrich our lives.

Cities—Smart or sinister? Are we heading towards an Orwellian future?

AI is increasingly being used to help transform our cities and manage traffic, crime, economic development, sustainability and improve our everyday lives. But at what cost? How much privacy are we surrendering, what are the implications and are they worth it?

The panel includes Eva Blum-Dumontet, a researcher at Privacy International particularly interested in the impact of data exploitation on marginalised communities and people in vulnerable situations; Sylvie Delacroix, a Turing Fellow and Professor in Law and Ethics at Birmingham Law School focusing on data trusts; Christoph Lindner, Dean of The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment and Professor in Urban Studies at UCL, writing about cities, globalisation and issues of social-spatial inequality; and Malcolm Smith, Global Masterplanning and Urban Design leader at Arup.

Register for this debate on 21 October.

AI and fake news: The machine in the headlines

Fake news is fuelling rising public mistrust of the media, politics and big business, with even health services subject to conspiracy around life-saving vaccines and other treatments. What role does AI play in creating and disseminating fake news and how can we harness the same technologies to counteract this phenomenon?

The panel includes Chloe Colliver, Digital Research Unit lead at Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) Global; Alex Krasodomski-Jones, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos; Bertie Vidgen, a Research Associate within the Turing’s public policy programme; and Yulan He, Professor of Computer Science at University of Warwick.

Register for this debate on 29 November.


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