Racism should have no place in society, our workplace and the science and research sector at large.

The high-profile issues around Black Lives Matter have brought into sharp focus issues of inequality which should concern us all, both as individual citizens and as members of the Turing community.

From a Turing perspective, can I encourage everyone to think creatively about what we might do to address the range of regional, gender and ethnic issues impacting on inequality of aspiration, attainment and opportunity as it relates to our world of data science and AI.

My own awareness and past involvement in issues relating to inequality has been mainly in relation to young people dropping out of the school mathematics pipeline, but I realise that the issues of current concern specifically relate to systematic racism.

We need to break down barriers and create opportunities that widen equality, diversity and inclusion in the Turing at every level.

I share the frustration and sadness of our staff and researchers that progress has not been made at the pace it should have been. I also share their desire for urgent change propelled by these recent events. 

With this in mind, I encourage us all to take part in this and follow up on the immediate actions, and call for action, outlined to staff yesterday. I look forward to a wide-ranging discussion about how individually in our daily lives, and as the Turing, we might positively influence change.


Adrian Smith, Institute Director and Chief Executive