#TalkDataToMe: introducing the Turing’s new video series for curious minds

The series launches with an introduction to NFTs

Monday 05 Sep 2022

This week, The Alan Turing Institute launches #TalkDataToMe, a new video series and social media campaign which aims to help the public understand trending topics related to artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. The series will cover topics such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart home appliances and why a lack of women in data science and AI is a problem for everyone.

The first video in the series addresses the topical question: what is an NFT? Series host Tabitha Goldstaub, chair of the UK government's AI Council and co-founder of CogX, interviews the Turing’s Token Economy Theme Lead, Dr Andrea Baronchelli, to learn more about this issue.

In the video, Andrea discusses how an NFT is a unit of data stored in blockchain and gives some different examples of them. The video also discusses why NFTs are an important development in the world of online ‘ownership’.

It also considers what the future holds for NFTs, with Andrea saying that he “believes NFTs are here to stay because we are moving more and more on a life online and so owning things online is important".

With AI-driven technologies now playing a central role in our professional, social and home lives, it is crucial that people understand the risks and benefits of engaging with them. This video series has been created to provide accessible and factual information on topics relating to data science and AI.  

The topics were chosen as they appear frequently in the news or the public domain but can be open to misinformation. And for future series, the creators are encouraging the audience to share what topics they would like to see covered.

The launch of #TalkDataToMe also coincides with the release of the dedicated portal on our website for the general public: Learn, Explore and Participate (LEAP). LEAP collects the Turing’s most accessible videos, podcasts, articles and events into one place.

If you have feedback or suggestions for #TalkDataToMe and LEAP. Get in touch at [email protected]