Turing collaboration with new Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE) in Australia

Tuesday 15 Oct 2019

The Alan Turing Institute is pleased to announce a collaboration with the new Australian Research Council Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments (DARE). The centre will be funded through the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centres scheme over a period of five years and aims to boost data science skills in the natural resources sector.

DARE will use data science to help better understand the ongoing impact and long-term consequences of the use of natural resources. It will enable researchers to apply their data science models against real world challenges, such as water storage, biodiversity loss and the extraction of minerals. In particular, the centre aims to help Australia’s resource industries to make more informed, evidence-based decisions which it comes to managing natural resources.

The Training Centre will bring together a diverse field of expertise. There will be a range of other partners collaborating from across the sector including: the Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute; Geoscience Australia; IAG Insurance; McKinsey & Company; Natural Resources Commission; Newcrest Mining Ltd; NSW Treasury; Office of Environment and Heritage NSW; Water NSW; and The University of Leeds, UK.

The Alan Turing Institute’s Programme Director for Data-centric Engineering, Professor Mark Girolami said, “Collaborating with DARE will allow research scientists to address global challenges affecting our natural environment. The diversity of scientific expertise the centre is bringing together will create an exciting opportunity for innovative and impactful research outcomes, which can translate into global solutions.”