The Alan Turing Institute is offering access to The Joint Academic Data Science Endeavour (JADE) high performance computing (HPC) facility for research projects in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science.

JADE is a Tier2 HPC resource designed specifically for applications in machine learning and data science. It features 22 Nvidia DGX-1 deep learning systems, each with 8 of the latest Nvidia V100 GPUS connected via NVlink. For details on the JADE Tier 2 service and how to access it, please see the JADE website.

The aim of this call is to extend the access to the flagship Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs which, currently in high demand and short supply, might not be available otherwise. We would like to encourage adventurous high-risk, high-reward projects that will benefit from this opportunity.


This call is open to all researchers who are not from a JADE partner institution and not affiliated with the Turing.

Researchers who are interested in accessing JADE but not eligible for this call should contact their local institutional support.

How to Apply

To apply for this call complete the application form and email to [email protected]

The application form has been designed to require little information and simplify the process for researchers. When making allocations, the panel will consider the following factors

  • The suitability of the software for JADE.
  • The reasonability of the time requested.
  • The potential of the scientific impact of the research in the fields of AI or data science.

Call Schedule

Applications welcome 7th June 2019
Application deadline 5th July 2019
RAP meeting 16th July 2019
Project start date July–August 2019


More information

For more information on the RAP call or JADE supercomputer, contact Tomas Lazauskas, Senior Research Software Engineer, The Alan Turing Institute: [email protected]