The Turing joins the Partnership on AI: Building responsible AI with new international partners

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Today (12 May 2020), we are pleased to announce that The Alan Turing Institute, along with three other new international members, joins the Partnership on AI (PAI). PAI is a multi-stakeholder organisation that strives to bring together a diverse group of academics, researchers, tech companies, civil rights organisations and others from across the world together in pursuit of responsible artificial intelligence.

PAI has seen the power of the positive change that can occur when Partners from different geographies and areas of expertise gather to deliberate and evolve the practice of responsible AI. They describe how the Turing, and Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence in India, strengthen their collaboration capacity in applying AI for socially beneficial causes.

The Center for Human Rights Causes at Carnegie Mellon University in the US provides technical assistance in empowering voices devoted to advancing human rights. And SoftBank Group in Japan opens new avenues to connect their community with companies around the world who are developing and using AI. They welcome these Partners as they seek to elevate the voices of our underrepresented members to the decision-makers responsible for artificial intelligence. 

PAI’s work is focused on convening and empowering diverse voices. Their stakeholders include organisations that develop AI, organisations representing civil society and public interests, academic institutions, and those affected by AI technologies who may not traditionally be represented in technology development and governance.  They have worked to build an increasingly global community of practice—supported by new representation from the UK, India, and Japan in the new collaborators they are announcing today.

Adrian Weller, the Turing’s Programme Director for Artificial Intelligence, said:

“We are excited to become a new member of the Partnership on AI (PAI) and to join a growing community committed to AI technologies that benefit people and society. In furthering our research and public engagement efforts, we will be strengthened by shared goals such as building AI systems to contribute to the public good and to a well-functioning economy, with fairness, reliability, security, and appropriate transparency and privacy at its core.”

“We’re keen to engage with PAI’s work on best practice in the fairness, transparency, and accountability of AI; safety-critical AI; and AI, labour and the economy. We look forward to building on existing collaborations, where we are already working together on benchmarking of understanding and transparency of machine learning lifecycles, and helping to make explainable AI useful to real-world stakeholders.”

Julia Rhodes Davis, the Partnership on AI’s Director of Partnerships, said:

“The Alan Turing Institute’s expertise in data science and artificial intelligence research are needed to help shape important dialogues around the role of technology within our community. At the Partnership on AI, we believe best practices are realized when convening global voices in artificial intelligence and are proud to welcome The Alan Turing Institute as another important collaborator in the PAI community.”



About The Partnership on AI

The Partnership on AI (PAI) is a global nonprofit organization committed to the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence. By gathering leading companies, civil society, research institutions, and communities differently affected by artificial intelligence, PAI establishes a common ground between entities which otherwise may not have cause to work together–and in so doing–serves as a uniting force for good in the AI ecosystem. Today, PAI convenes more than 100 Partner organizations from around the world to realize the promise of artificial intelligence. Find more information about PAI at

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