Turing response to Theresa May's speech on revolutionising the health service by deploying AI in the NHS

Monday 25 Jun 2018

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In response to a speech Prime Minister Theresa May gave today in Macclesfield, The Alan Turing Institute's CEO Alan Wilson said:

'It’s clear that data science and artificial intelligence will revolutionise healthcare. We are already seeing significant improvements in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of illness. For example, our research with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, which is still in the early stages, has already seen a 35% increase in the accuracy of referrals for lung transplants than in non data-driven methods.

'In a new partnership with the leading research hospital UCLH announced today, we are starting work to apply algorithms to the perennial everyday challenges facing the NHS, such as A&E waiting times. With the British Heart Foundation, we’re embarking on a set of new research projects applying data science to cardiovascular medicine. Turing researchers are also investigating ethical, legal and technical solutions to keeping all data secure and private: a cross-cutting challenge which is particularly pertinent in healthcare.

'The goals outlined in the Prime Minister’s speech today map an exciting vision for how we can use data and artificial intelligence to live longer and healthier lives. The possibilities are vast and we look forward to working with our partners to rise to the challenge.'