Using analytics in policing: Ethics Advisory Report for West Midlands Police

Tuesday 27 Nov 2018

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In 2018, the Institute’s Data Ethics Group, working with the Independent Digital Ethics Panel for Policing, delivered a co-authored report commissioned by West Midlands Police regarding a proposal for the National Analytics Solution, a project involving intensive use of data sources and analytical techniques in pursuit of law enforcement objectives.

The report, which scrutinised the ethical implications of the proposed project, was welcomed by West Midlands Police as an impartial contribution to its development. We are delighted to publish the report in full today, with a foreword from West Midlands Police offering contextual background for the commission.

Deputy Chief Constable Louisa Rolfe said:

“We sought this independent review at a very early stage as we think an ethical approach should guide the development of this work.  We thank IDEPP and the Data Ethics Group in The Alan Turing Institute for carrying out this work and we are considering all of their recommendations as we move forward with the project.”

Since receiving the report, West Midlands Police have begun work on the National Analytics Solution project and are actively drawing on advice offered by the Turing and IDEPP to help develop their approach to the ethical governance of the project.

Read the ethics advisory report and a supporting statement from the National Analytics Solution team.


Notes to Editors

The National Analytics Solution is a consortium of law enforcement bodies led by West Midlands Police who have worked together to produce a high-level design for how advanced analytics could be utilised within a national law enforcement context to prevent harm, reduce criminality and protect the vulnerable.