19th April 2017

Is it possible to hack happiness?

In this blog interview, we ask Merve Alanyali to share her experience of hacking happiness, and to tell us more about her data science research at the Turing.  Merve is a Turing enrichment year student from University of Warwick and is now organising a new Data Dive event to be held at the Turing with… Read more

13th April 2017

Democratising Data Science: A framework for data-driven storytelling.

In this blog we interview Tomas Petricek, Visiting Researcher at The Alan Turing Institute and creator of The Gamma project, a new tool for aggregating and visualising data. What does data science mean to you?  Data science is such a new field that everyone still has their own definition of what it really is. For me,… Read more

6th April 2017

New research explores how to filter out unfairness from machine learning

Businesses and institutions use machine learning techniques to make sensitive decisions and predictions about people, like whether to grant someone a low interest loan, or estimating how likely a person with a criminal conviction may be to reoffend. A team of researchers from the Alan Turing Institute, Matt Kusner, Joshua Loftus, Chris Russell, and Ricardo… Read more

5th April 2017

Thinking Machines: What has psychology got to do with data science?

Part of the joy of data science is how it brings people together. Computer scientists and mathematicians, statisticians, engineers and ethicists collaborating to unlock the billions of gigabytes of data generated globally every day. A good example of this in action in The Alan Turing Institute is the work of Brad Love, a psychologist at… Read more

31st March 2017

Does the algorithm know best?

We are delighted to announce that The Alan Turing Institute will be partnering with the Royal Statistical Society on an event at this year’s Cheltenham Science Festival. The Institute and RSS session will take place on Thursday 8 June 4.45-5.45pm, and will debate how algorithms dominate society, and whether companies and government need to do… Read more