18th August 2017

A case for data-centric engineering – Professor Mark Girolami at The Royal Society

Turing Fellow Professor Mark Girolami took his data-centric engineering mission to The Royal Society last week. In his lecture, ‘Data-centric Engineering: Hype or Hope?” Professor Girolami used real world examples to emphasise the importance for ensuring mathematical sciences are at the core of today’s data-rich economies. “Every day in what I do in my research… Read more

16th August 2017

AI’s “Trolley Problem” Problem

The striking ascent of self-driving cars, from the stuff of sci-fi to a dealership near you, offers one of the most transformative examples of the impact of artificial intelligence on society. Cars are a technology that almost everyone in developed societies will use at some point in their lives (whether as driver or passenger), and… Read more

8th August 2017

Turing CEO Sir Alan Wilson to receive an honorary degree from the School of Advanced Study

We are delighted to share the news that Turing CEO Sir Alan Wilson will receive an honorary degree from the School of Advanced Study, University of London in recognition of his contribution to the humanities. Sir Alan will collect his Doctor of Literature honoris causa at the School’s annual degree ceremony on 8 December 2017. In a… Read more

3rd August 2017

The Alan Turing Institute and the British Heart Foundation to launch joint funding call in data science for cardiovascular research

This autumn, The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and The Alan Turing Institute will release a call for research grant applications through a dedicated joint funding scheme, with the goal of promoting multi-disciplinary research which could generate data science solutions to key cardiovascular problems. The partnership between the BHF and the Institute follows a scoping workshop… Read more

2nd August 2017

The Alan Turing Institute celebrates its first year of research

The Institute’s annual report for 2016/17 celebrates achievements in research, collaboration, training the next generation and engagement 2016/17 has seen the Institute move from start-up to full operations, launch its first academic year and map ambitious plans for the future From launching our first ever academic year and kick-starting our research community and scientific programmes, to… Read more