21st May 2018

Revolutionising healthcare with AI and data science: UCLH and The Alan Turing Institute announce breakthrough partnership

Today two of the leading organisations in healthcare, data science and artificial intelligence are announcing a partnership that could revolutionise some of the everyday challenges experienced by the NHS. The Alan Turing Institute is embarking on a programme of work with UCLH, one of the leading hospitals in the NHS, to harness the power of… Read more

17th May 2018

Chris Holmes appointed to lead research in health at The Alan Turing Institute in partnership with Health Data Research UK

Professor Chris Holmes has been appointed to lead a programme of research in health at The Alan Turing Institute. The appointment is made jointly with Health Data Research UK (HDR UK), in order to facilitate direct scientific collaboration and leadership between the two national centres. Chris brings to the role considerable expertise in data science… Read more

9th May 2018

The Alan Turing Institute launches a new research programme in data science and AI for public policy, led by Professor Helen Margetts

Government has fostered and embraced important advances in technology, from critical investment in the iPhone and the internet, to early adoption of large-scale computer systems in the 1960s. Today, government is a major holder of data, which data science and artificial intelligence (AI) can harness to improve the design and provision of public services as well as… Read more

8th May 2018

A personal issue: How can we enable personal data to be shared without compromising our privacy?

A look at ‘privacy preserving data analysis’ from Turing Fellow Jon Crowcroft and Research Fellow Adria Gascon. Decisions informed by the analysis of personal data are becoming an increasingly ubiquitous part of modern life; what advertisements we see online, which of our incoming emails are discarded, what conditions are attached to our insurance, what new… Read more

4th May 2018

Freedom to troll?

It has destroyed lives, been held responsible for putting women off politics, fuelling racism and flooding trusted media streams with fake news. With a recent poll from Amnesty International revealing that 64% of the women surveyed believe ‘online abuse or harassment of women is common nowadays’, it’s clear that trolling is here to stay. Yet… Read more