Calling all environmental charities and NGOs: could AI solve your data problems?

Closing date

Key dates

  • Call opens: 24 January 2022
  • Call closes: 17:00 on 7 March 2022
  • Workshop date: 9 March 2022
  • Open to: Charities and NGOs working within the environment and sustainability space

The Turing is committed to tackling climate change and its impacts through the power of data science and artificial intelligence. We want to give the opportunity to charities and NGOs working in this space to help solve their challenges. Data Study Groups (DSG) and the Turing Internship Network (TIN) are combining for a pilot programme to support charities and NGOs working within the environment and sustainability space.
The Turing will help place PhD data science researchers within partner organisations to work on their data challenges. In conjunction with this research they will also prepare a related DSG challenge, that will be held towards the end of the six-month internship. The Turing will then invite a wide variety of data science experts to further explore these challenges during the DSG. They will then put forward a range of potential solutions or routes for further investigation in response to these problems.
In this pilot we want to utilise the TIN to better prepare data challenges coming through the DSG pipeline. This will help us better understand how our two skills sharing programmes can be leveraged together and therefore have a greater impact. The Turing will cover the costs of both the internship and entry to the DSG. Partner organisations will need to oversee and support their interns, be ready to share their data and participate in the subsequent DSG. The salary will be covered by the Turing. After the DSG takes place, reports will be published to document what was done. See previous reports

What do we mean by 'Data'?
Any information that has been collected for analysis or reference. Data can take the form of numbers and statistics, text, symbols, or multimedia such as images, videos, sounds and maps. Data that has been collected but not yet processed, cleaned or analysed is known as ‘raw’ or ‘primary’ data.

This engagement will start with an informational scoping workshop for prospective organisations on 9 March 2022. To attend this session register now.

During this workshop space you will hear about DSG and TIN programmes, what makes a good challenge for these activities, and have a discussion with a researcher about how you might use your data to help support your organisations objectives. Following the workshop, organisations will be invited to make a formal application to take part in the programme. This will be a competitive process. 

If you have any questions please send through to [email protected]

How to apply

Organisations must be based in the UK (or have offices within the UK). To join the workshop, and begin the application process, express your interest on the event page.

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