Learning at the Turing

Developing and delivering immersive and self-paced learning opportunities aimed at data science and AI upskilling and community building through training


One of three overarching goals of The Alan Turing Institute is to train the leaders of the future. The Learning at the Turing programme provides the public-facing portfolio of learning materials and activities where anyone with an interest in data science and AI can take part in events and courses, as well as contribute to and reuse existing training materials.

The aims of the Learning at the Turing programme are to: 

  • Develop and deliver innovative and immersive training opportunities in areas where the Turing is best placed to provide expertise and upskilling  
  • Offer free and accessible online learning courses on the Turing’s Online Learning Platform for those interested in learning at their own pace 
  • Build a global and diverse community of learners and experts who connect through Data Science and AI education 
  • Provide avenues and opportunities for those interested in contributing to and / or reusing the existing portfolio of learning materials 
  • Harness expertise from the wider Turing network to build new learning opportunities through open funding calls  

Interested learners can access Learning at the Turing opportunities in three ways:

  1. Apply to participate in live training events (see Upcoming live event opportunities below)
  2. Peruse the resources linked in this page which have been developed for educational purposes
  3. Register to take a self-paced course on the Turing's Online Learning Platform (coming soon)

Upcoming live event opportunities

The training events below are scheduled for the next 12 months. Where there are no event links, the registration or application is not open yet. As soon as an event is live, this page is updated. 

  • Research Data Science: 13–24 February 2023 (pm only)

Examples of past opportunities:

Core online learning resources

Our current work is focused on developing resources and delivering events and activities with a focus on best practices, ethics communication, and interdisciplinary applied skills. 

The Turing Way

The Turing Way is a handbook for reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science. We involve and support a diverse community of contributors to make data science accessible, comprehensible and effective for everyone. The current chapters available as online resources are focused on:

Turing Commons

The Turing Commons is an online platform developed by Christopher Burr, David Leslie, Claudia Fischer and collaborators with the goal to support open dialogue and reflection about the responsible design, development, and deployment of data-driven technologies. The Turing Commons includes modules in:

Research Engineering 

The Research Engineering Group at the Turing have developed resources and training events in applied and hands-on data science and research engineering topics. The current courses available are:

The Learning at the Turing programme is designed by the Skills Team in collaboration with other research and cross-cutting programmes at the Turing, including tools, practices and systems, research engineering and the public policy programme.

Online learning courses

We are currently working to develop self-paced courses that learners can take in their own time on the Turing's Online Learning Platform. We expect to launch the first courses in late 2022 in topics such as software engineering, Responsible AI and research best practices. 

Our ethos

The Skills Team at the Turing collaborate with a range of academic, government and industry partners, as well as training bodies, to support initiatives that build knowledge, skills and capabilities related to data science and AI. 

Our ethos is to deliver open and free training for academia, industry, public sector, and third sector participants. Our focus is on relevant practical skills and the latest scientific developments in data ethics, research software engineering, research practices and related topics in data science and AI where the Turing is best placed to complement the academic training offered by universities. 

When engaging with collaborators in developing learning opportunities, the Turing is keen to ensure that the resulting training materials and activities are of mutual benefit to the Turing community and that of the collaborator(s), and that they can be accessed by anyone through open-source licensing.  


We are continuously developing learning resources and activities, and we encourage learners to check this page regularly and sign up to the skills mailing list available at the bottom of the Skills at the Turing page.