Partner with the Turing

The Alan Turing Institute works with a wide range of partners to help deliver our mission of using data science and artificial intelligence to change the world. We partner with industry to work on real life use cases for data science, with universities to engage with a broad pool of talent and expertise and with public bodies to ensure data science is effectively and safely employed for public good.

Collaborating with industry

Industry partnerships with the Turing range from week-long engagements to multi-year strategic agreements. We are interested in industry challenges that allow data science to be applied to real world problems. Our researchers and software engineers can provide novel solutions to industry challenges, drawing upon the latest developments in mathematics, statistics, engineering and computer science.

To find out more on how to set up a collaboration email

Collaborating with government

In pursuit of our mission to make great leaps in data science and AI research in order to change the world for the better, we work alongside policy makers to improve public policy as well as the provision of public services using tools from data science and AI.

The ultimate aim of our work with government is to have a positive impact on the lives of as many people as possible. We are interested in collaborating with policy makers to develop innovative ways to provide government services: from allocating resources in the fairest and most transparent way, to designing personalised public services that are tailored to people’s individual needs and situations.

We are interested in exploring how we can use our expertise in data science, AI, and ethics to inform policy-making across all levels of government, from identifying policy priorities to evaluating policy outcomes.

We tailor our collaborations around the needs of our government partners – our partnerships range from small-scale research projects to multi-year research programmes. We encourage all policy makers with difficult-to-solve policy problems, unwieldy data sets, or an interest in data science and AI to email us at

Collaborating with universities

Since the launch of the Institute, our network of university partners will soon grow from the Turing’s five founding universities to include 13 universities.

The criteria for admitting new university partners is based on the excellence of their research and its alignment with the Institute’s research interests, their ability to bring new expertise and opportunities which add to the core strengths of the Institute and its existing partners, and their willingness to contribute financially. Universities are admitted in a scalable timeframe which enables the most effective and sustainable growth for the Institute.

As well as taking on more university partners, we are exploring other models of engagement to enable us to collaborate with and across the university sector.

Universities interested in engaging with The Alan Turing Institute or joining as a university partner should email our Interim Director of Academic Engagement, Allaine Cerwonka.