Accenture and The Alan Turing Institute have been working together since 2017, during which time they have conducted joint research projects into new techniques for network analytics for use in fraud detection, for example, in telecommunications. They have also run Data Study Groups to tackle challenges facing AI professionals, such as fairness in algorithmic decision-making.

In 2020 we launched a five-year strategic partnership with Accenture that will sit within the finance and economics programme. Our partnership will build on an existing three-year alliance to create a world-leading strategic partnership in advanced data science, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) research with a focus on delivering substantial business and societal value.

Some of the activities the partnership plans to undertake include conducting joint research in data science and AI across many areas including: 

  • Creating tools for the generation and management of synthetic data as well as tools in other Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) for safe and secure data sharing.
  • Developing interoperable software tools focusing on advanced modelling techniques to create complex digital twins, for example representing business systems.
  • Applications of AI to help quantify uncertainty and design systems which are more resilient to shocks, make systems more sustainable, and do social good.

The partnership will also deliver engagement activities to help transform executives’ understanding of how AI and data science can be used as a tool for business. This will include guest lectures and seminars as well as internship opportunities for a range of students across the Turing network with Accenture and its clients.

Latest thinking

What does the National AI Strategy mean for the private sector?Adrian Smith

Read an edited version of Adrian Smith’s keynote speech given at the Accenture-Turing Innovation Symposium on 18 November 2021. This virtual event provided a unique opportunity for industry and academia to come together to discuss the research that is pioneering the conscientious uses of data science and AI, in areas including privacy, explainability, fairness and security.

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Tomorrow, Today – series 3, episode 3: Exploring the National AI Strategy

The government sees the National AI Strategy as fundamental to the UK’s economic growth over the next ten years. Mark Girolami, Chief Scientist of The Alan Turing Institute, and Accenture's Fernando Lucini discuss what this means for business and society. As a global AI powerhouse, UK business is already seeing opportunities to grow and transform.

Accenture featured on latest episode of the Turing Podcast

turing pod

The latest episode of the Turing Podcast features a special roundtable discussion with Accenture about career options in the data science sector. Hosts Jo Dungate and Bea Costa Gomes were joined by three influential figures in AI and data science: Henrietta Ridley (Data Science Manager at Accenture), Alice Aspinall (Senior Manager at Mudano) and Kirstie Whitaker (the Turing’s Programme Director for Tools, Practices and Systems). 

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Accenture Innovation Symposiuminnovation                                                  

You can view sessions from the Accenture Innovation Symposium below.

Adrian Smith

In addition to his role at the Turing, Adrian is President of the Royal Society, and a member of the government’s national AI council. In this talk, Adrian discusses the UK’s national data and AI strategies; focusing in on the key challenges to industry.

Mihaela van der Schaar

Mihaela is John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Medicine at the University of Cambridge, and Turing Fellow. The Current emphasis of her research is on synthetic data with applications to medicine, finance and education. In this talk she focuses on new evaluation metrics for synthetic data generation.

Timothy Dodwell

Timothy is a senior lecturer in industrial applied mathematics within the Institute of Data Science and AI at the University of Exeter, and Turing Fellow. His work addresses the challenge of building a more sustainable aviation industry by building a virtual test pyramid. In this talk he focuses on deploying reinforcement learning in safety critical systems, as well as the Turing’s prosperity partnership with NATS.

Maria Liakata

Maria is a Professor in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at Queen Mary University of London and Turing Fellow. Her work utilises language data obtained from wide-spread use of digital technology such as social media as well as mobile phone data to develop novel natural language processing methods for automatically capturing changes in user behaviour over time. In this talk she looks at the applicability to mental health as NLP techniques will help provide experts with evidence for personalised changes in mood and cognition from everyday use of digital technologies.

Jose Miguel Hernandez Lobato

Jose is a lecturer in Machine Learning at the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge. His work focuses on increasing robustness in machine learning methods using probabilistic approaches. This talk addresses key concerns around providing training data collected under differing conditions.


Navigating the UK Government’s AI Roadmap?woman before blue lights                                                    It’s all about bringing people and technology together

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the need for new data science and AI skills. Looking ahead, it’s clear we’re going to need data-informed non-therapeutic interventions to limit any resurgence of the virus for years to come.

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Innovation Symposium

AI for precision mental health

Professor Zoe Kourtzi gave a talk at Accenture as part of Mental Health Week 2021.

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Data Study Group participants

Can AI solve it? – Data Study Group

How can you identify whether a problem or opportunity – whether it’s from industry, third sector, government or academia – is a suitable candidate for an AI-driven approach?

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Graduation caps

Solving the UK's AI skills gap

Addressing the UK’s AI skills gap has never been more important. In this blog, Ray Eitel-Porter (Global Responsible AI Lead at Accenture), discusses the scale of the challenge, addressing diversity, and AI learning in schools.

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Two people stood in front of projections

Collaboration for Innovation 

Applied Intelligence collaboration is at the heart of Accenture does. Read more about their work with some of the world’s leading academic and research institutions worldwide.

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Person holding an illustration of a brain

It’s time to trust AI – read about five pro-social AI projects that can restore your faith.

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Innovation Symposium

Innovation Symposium 2020 Highlights Video

On 7 October 2020, Accenture and The Alan Turing Institute partnered to host the Innovation Symposium, featuring the latest in applied data science and artificial intelligence research.

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Upshot view of high-rise buildings

Accenture challenge: Fairness in algorithmic decision-making 

Accenture’s challenge to the Turing's Data Study Group researchers was to develop a tool that can promote fairness in algorithmic decision-making across the financial services sector. Read more about the outcomes of the challenge.

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A city at night

A data revolution for all

The big data revolution is changing everything. Along with increasing computing power, data is the engine of data science and AI. It is having an impact across social and economic life through social media, new forms of public service delivery or the transformation of industries and employment.

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Partnership news

March 2021

Accenture Turing strategic partnership: Expression of interest (Data sharing) – Through this call we are seeking to fund projects that fall under the “Data Sharing” research theme.

October 2020

Accenture and The Alan Turing Institute establish strategic partnership – A partnership to conduct AI and data science research and develop applications that solve real-world problems.

August 2018

Accenture challenge: Fairness in algorithmic decision-making – Accenture’s challenge to Turing DSG researchers was to develop a tool that can promote fairness in algorithmic decision-making across the financial services sector.

October 2017

The Alan Turing Institute and Accenture launch a new alliance to combat fraud and money laundering – The Alan Turing Institute and Accenture announced that they will work together to develop next generation artificial intelligence and data science tools, with the first in a series of projects to look at the security challenges faced by large business and government organisations.

About Accenture

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About the finance and economics programme

The finance and economics programme brings together leading experts in data science, machine learning, finance and the social sciences, from both academia and industry to tackle the most challenging questions by producing world-leading research with significant impact. We inform public policy and enable trusted, research-led thought leadership. The programme works closely with government and the industry to exploit the potential of new technologies in the financial sector and economic research, and to position the UK as the leader in these areas.

In 2020 we launched a five-year Strategic Partnership with Accenture that will sit within the finance and economics programme. Our partnership will build on an existing three-year alliance to create a world-leading strategic partnership in advanced data science, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) research with a focus on delivering substantial business and societal value via:

  • delivering value from AI and data;
  • enabling safe and robust application of AI; and
  • lowering barriers to AI adoption.

We will achieve our vision through four data science and AI pillars: (1) research sponsorship, (2) students and scholarship, (3) skills and training, and (4) use case commercialisation.

Funded research