Industry and third sector

Industry partnerships with the Turing range from week-long engagements to multi-year strategic agreements


Academia has a track record of supporting the research and development of new products and techniques. The emergence of data science and AI represent a new frontier in scientific and technological innovation, and there remains great potential impact in many sectors of industry, third sector and government.

The Turing, as the centre of a connected network of world-class academic expertise, has an important role to play as a trusted partner in this rapidly-changing scientific landscape.

Engaging with the Turing

We have flexible models of engagement, for larger corporates to small enterprises, ranging from one-week Data Study Groups and 3 to 6 months internships, through to multi-year research programmes and targeted collaborative research projects. Guided by our challenge areas and collaboration principles, our engagement with partners and collaborators focuses on an exchange of talent, skills, and knowledge, with industry and academics learning from each other and sharing best practice.

We are interested in challenges that allow data science and AI to be applied to real-world problems, as well as difficult cross-disciplinary problems that have the potential to yield positive transformation across sectors. Our researchers, data scientists, and software engineers can provide novel solutions to industry challenges, drawing upon the latest developments in mathematical, statistical, computational, engineering, and social sciences.

To find out more on how to set up a collaboration email [email protected].