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Data Study Groups – Introduction

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Upcoming Data Study Groups

For partners, the Institute’s Data Study Groups are a chance to have a multi-disciplinary range of researchers looking at a problem from a number of angles – using cutting edge tools and methodologies to partition the problem before coming together to design solutions.

Partners can bring back this new applied knowledge, and use it for other challenges the companies might face in the future.

Examples of the kinds of challenges companies have proposed for Data Study Groups include Syngenta’s data-driven benchmarking for the agricultural industry in developed and developing countries; Airbus’ growth of route networks in the Air Transport System; National Grid’s real-time balancing of electricity transmission and distribution networks; Samsung’s clustering of mobile game users and prediction of cluster transition; and Siemens’ reducing air pollution through improved traffic control.

Partners typically provide real-world datasets for researchers to work on.

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Matt, a Dstl representative involved in one of the Data Study Groups, said:

“The Data Study Group week was one of the best experiences I’ve had working with external suppliers of any kind in my 8 years in the Ministry of Defence. A large team of very capable academics worked extremely hard on my problem and demonstrated multiple approaches to solve it. To have so many interesting approaches thoroughly explored in such a short time period is very impressive and incredibly useful to our organisation.”

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