Aditi Shenvi

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Enrichment Student

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Aditi is a third year PhD student in the Mathematics for Real-World Systems doctoral training centre at the University of Warwick. She is supervised by Professor Jim Smith (Turing Fellow). As part of her PhD research, she works on developing flexible and interpretable graphical models for public health applications such as modelling of recurrent events. Before starting her PhD, she earned a masters in Interdisciplinary Mathematics from the University of Warwick and a bachelors in Pure Mathematics with minors in Statistics and Economics from the University of Mumbai. 

Aditi will be an enrichment student at the Turing from January to June 2020. She is interested in using her time here to form new collaborations, and to work with them to gain a deeper mathematical understanding of interpretable artificial intelligence tools and to explore their applications in health, medicine and related domains.

Research interests

Aditi is primarily interested in model development and Bayesian inference. In her PhD research so far, she has developed a dynamic graphical model class integrating the technologies of chain event graphs (a generalisation of bayesian networks) and semi-markov processes customised to modelling adverse recurrent events in heterogeneous populations. Another aspect of model development that interests her is model selection. Her current research involves exploring properties of this graphical model family and of scoring functions which can be exploited to develop scalable model selection algorithms. She is also keen to improve her understanding of belief propagation algorithms, missingness mechanisms and causal reasoning. 

Her PhD work has also found applications in the domains of defence and security through existing collaborations at the Turing. During her time at the Turing, she hopes to explore more such parallels in her work with other domains.