Akira Endo

Akira Endo


Enrichment Student


Akira Endo is a PhD student at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. While he studied medicine at The University of Tokyo, he was also involved in research projects analysing transmission dynamics of infectious diseases using mathematical models. After graduating and being qualified as a physician, he went on to the PhD program to further pursue his passion in the theoretical aspects of infectious disease outbreaks.

Research interests

Compared with other types of diseases, infectious diseases are unique in that protecting an individual from a disease also means protecting other people by reducing their risk of exposure to the pathogen. This “interdependency” makes the control of infectious disease outbreaks an important social agenda. Akira’s current research interests include disease spread within and across households/schools/workplaces, improving vaccine evaluation methodologies and optimal control strategies. During his Enrichment placement at the Turing, he also tries to incorporate rapidly advancing machine learning techniques into infectious disease modelling.