Shakir Laher



Research Application Manager


Shakir Laher is a Research Application Manager at The Alan Turing Institute who works across Public Policy (PP) and Tools, Practices and Systems (TPS). For the PP programme, he is helping the AI Standards Hub deliver on its mission of shaping leading edge developments in the international AI standards ecosystem. With TPS colleagues, he is building an open-source infrastructure to facilitate open science for AI and data science.

Shakir has recently worked on projects which have included researching and developing a safety assurance framework for machine learning (ML) in the healthcare domain, contributing to AI reporting guidelines and authoring sections of an AI standard.   

His other work experience lies within software engineering; clinical risk management activities that support the safe development, deployment and use of Health Information Technology; and authoring research papers for the ML community.

He holds degrees in Information Technology, Computer Science and Educational Pedagogy, with his most recent qualification being an MSc in Computing from the University of York. Shakir is a member of several research and special interest groups, such as the Safety of Autonomous Systems Working Group and the British Standards Institution’s AI standards development committee (ART/1).

His research interests include autonomous systems, safety engineering, assurance cases, argumentation patterns, AI governance & regulation and AI for medical diagnosis.