Albesa Demjaha is entering her second PhD year at UCL supervised by David Pym and Angela Sasse. Her research interests are in information security,  and human behaviour. She is interested in the human and management aspects of information security.

As part of her doctoral experience, she is also a Teaching Assistant for the modules "People & Security" and "Information Security Management". Furthermore, she is doing a security internship at GResearch where she predominantly works on security policy, culture, and education & training.

She did her MSc in Information Security at UCL where her thesis focused on exploring the need and possibility for new cryptographic metaphors. Albesa also has a BSc in Information Systems and Management from the South East European University in Skopje.

Research interests

Albesa's PhD work is in the field of human-centred information security in an organisational context. More specifically, it is about properly and rigorously defining what a security culture is in such a context, and how it can be maintained as well as transformed. Within this field, a parallel interest is to create a robust and repeatable methodology of doing the above by using several research methodologies such as qualitative research and modelling. Albesa is also keen to link her work to security policy.