Cécile de Bézenac is currently part of the doctoral training program based in Leeds Institute for Data Analytics under the supervision of Professor Alison Heppenstall. She has a civil engineering background, graduating from Ecole Centrale Paris before completing a data analytics and demography Masters in Aix Marseille University. She has previously worked in the statistic and modelling laboratory (SAMM) in Paris Pantheon Sorbonne exploring new spatial segregation measures in an urban context.

Research interests

Cécile’s research, rooted in quantitative geography, is more specifically linked to urban studies. She is interested in developing prospective urban models that can later serve as medium for policy makers when addressing particular urban issues. Understanding the inner workings of agent-based models, that describe individual social interactions and help predict emerging global phenomenon, is at the core of her research project. In particular, exploring descriptive model calibration and validation methods represents a first step to approaching more realistic designs.