Chris D'Arcy is a first year student at The Alan Turing Institute in conjunction with (the University of) Birmingham. He previously studied at Oxford for his MSc in mathematical modelling and scientific computing and Edinburgh for his BSc in mathematics and statistics

His upcoming research lies in the use of machine learning and behavioural economics to help users modify their behaviour in positive ways. This ties to his long-standing interests in the modelling complicated systems and the application of data-science to the real world people and problems. These interests were in the past persued performing anomaly detection at the NASDAQ in New York and building methods to automatically build mathematical models of complicated systems from data at Oxford.

Research interests

The aim of Chris's research is to utilize behavioural nudging in order to make positive modifications to the behaviours of users with the aim of increasing urban well-being. Involved areas encompass behavioural economics and machine learning as well as his background in mathematical modelling and system forecasting.

Achievements and awards

Archibald Jackson Prize - Oxford

Principals North America Scholarship - Edinburgh