Martyn is a graduate of the University of Bristol, with an MSci in Mathematics

Research interests

His current research focus is epidemiology, where he is making use of his background in statistical network analysis to develop models which help inform the elimination strategy. Hepatitis C is primarily spread through the sharing of contaminated needles, which results in transmission along a social network structure. Recent breakthroughs have created a new treatment for the disease, allowing for the goal of elimination of Hepatitis C as a public health hazard.

The transmission network is likely to have a complex structure which will evolves over time. The behaviour of the disease itself creates further challenges. However, there are several areas where data science can improve the programme, such as modelling the effectiveness of incentives in the sampling regime, optimising the allocation of resources to local community pharmacies and clarification of ill-defined concepts.

A wide a variety of areas and disciplines are relevant to this project and Martyn actively welcomes collaboration. He maintains research interests in many areas of statistics such as robust techniques, time series data, high dimensionality, outlier/changepoint detection.