Odysseas Sclavounis

Odysseas Sclavounis


Doctoral Student

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Odysseas is undertaking a PhD at the Oxford Internet Institute looking at the governance and development of public blockchains. He is also a doctoral student of the Alan Turing Institute which funds his research. Prior to his PhD, he completed an MSc in Social Science of the Internet at the Oxford Internet Institute, where my thesis looked at reputation systems in cryptomarkets. He completed his BA at King’s College London in political science and institutional theory.

Research interests

Odysseas Sclavounis' research looks at the governance of public blockchains, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum. The block size debate and the DAO crisis have shown that public blockchain communities are subject to divisive governance crises about how best to manage their respective blockchains. His research looks at the politics involved with the development, maintenance and control of these blockchain protocols.

He is interested in how public blockchain communities resolve collective action problems that affect their blockchains. He would like to better understand why the ability of the communities to arrive at collective action differ from one cryptocurrency to another. Odysseas believes that better understanding the governance of public blockchain is important to ensure that these systems are built to be resilient, sustainable and in line with the principles of decentralization.

His other research interests are free and open source software, Internet governance, cryptomarkets and institutional theory. He has published on the potential impact of blockchain on transaction costs in the financial system and regularly attend conferences and expert workshops on blockchain technology. He has also helped organise academic conferences and seminars both in Oxford and at the Alan Turing Institute. Outside of academia, Odysseas has consulted on blockchain technology for private firms in various industries. Before beginning his graduate studies he completed a year of mandatory military service in the Greek navy.