Sami Alabed

Sami Alabed


Doctoral Student

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Sami Alabed is a PhD student in the Systems Research Group of the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory being supervised by Dr Eiko Yoneki. He received an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science from University of Cambridge and was awarded the Cambridge Trust scholarship, and BSc with industrial placement from the University of Manchester and he was awarded several awards for improving the quality of students life in Manchester.

He enjoys hackathons and often can be seen there tinkering with new ideas, in his previous life he was an organiser and volunteer in several hackathons and still love the scene. Previously he worked at Amazon, Google, and Twitter working as a backend software engineer of large scale systems.

Research interests

Sami’s interest lies in the optimisation of large scale distributed systems. He is interested in auto-tuning complex parameter space in systems that are expensive or slow to evaluate using Bayesian Optimisations methods and Reinforcement Learning. His research motivation is to enable simpler deployments of cost-efficient high performant large scale data processors to enable data scientists and researcher to work on more complex problem without having to worry about configuring complicated systems and reducing the setup errors that can be costly.