Abdulrahman Abdullatif Alsayed



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Abdulrahman holds his degree in general linguistics from Britain’s oldest university the University of Oxford where he gained interest in studying natural language syntax, information structure, and corpus linguistics. He worked as a lecturer in King Faisal University, KSA before returning to the UK to commence doctorate research at Scotland’s oldest university the University of St Andrews. In addition to his research work, Abdulrahman's work while in St Andrews includes teaching at the School of Modern Languages, coordinating training for the Centre for Educational Enhancement and Development (CEED), and serving as the Linguistics Catalyst representative within the Doctoral Researcher Committee of the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities (SGSAH).

Research interests

In his most recent research project conducted at the University of St Andrews’ School of Modern Languages, Abdulrahman has created a pilot for the first annotated corpus of spoken language mediated by extended reality technology (XR). As part of the next stage of his study, he is currently working on expanding this XR linguistic corpus to document the language used by multiple speakers placed within replicable virtual environments. Analysis and modelling the information structure and the context-sensitive syntactic constructions used in the corpus will follow upon completion of this expansion. This work is expected to provide a data-driven extension to theories concerned with the interaction between syntax and information structure in addition to presenting novel experimental tools for the empirical analysis of general linguistic phenomena. Further expected applications of this work extend to inter-disciplinary research related to communication in virtual worlds, Natural Language Generation, and Artificial Intelligence. Abdulrahman welcomes all enquiries and collaboration invites from researchers interested in inter-disciplinary work related to his research.