Enrichment Student

Cohort year



Anda is a second-year PhD student in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth. She holds a BSc in Criminology and Psychology from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology from the University of Exeter. Anda’s research combines qualitative and computational methods to investigate the discourse of misogynistic men's groups (particularly involuntary celibates – ‘Incels’) and analyse the mechanisms responsible for the perpetuation of online hate and harmful ideologies.

Research interests

In her research, she uses natural language processing to investigate and map the incel territory and discourse across various online platforms employed by misogynistic groups. Furthermore, to gain a contextualised understanding of incel experiences, group formation, narratives and power structures she employs critical discourse analysis on a sample of the data. She believes that employing a mixed-methods approach will facilitate a broader understanding of the linguistic trends and patterns of incel group membership across platforms and draw the main lines of the narratives binding these groups together.

Whilst at the Turing, Anda wishes to develop her understanding of current approaches to social data science and techniques such as topic modelling and social network analysis. Furthermore, she wishes to encourage other social scientists to engage with more novel methodologies for studying social and psychological processes online.