Christos Panoutsakopoulos



Enrichment Student

Cohort year



Christos Panoutsakopoulos is a research student at Cranfield University currently studying towards a PhD in Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems. He is also a Future Intelligence Technologist at Rolls-Royce;  in his role, he identifies and assesses promising new AI technologies, evaluates technology options, and works closely with business stakeholders to trial and validate new AI capabilities. He has previously worked in various Data Science and Software Engineering roles. He holds a MEng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University.

Research interests

Christos' research aims to achieve a dual goal: Firstly, to identify challenges within the area of autonomous cyber-physical systems that can be approached and solved with artificial intelligence methods, achieving higher level of autonomy, better system performance, or both. Methods from the spectrum of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning are of particular interest. Secondly, to propose and assess methods to establish the trustworthiness of the proposed AI based solutions. Trustworthiness will mainly be addressed with respect to safety, explainability and certifiability. Methods including verification, testing and model interpretability will be considered.