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Dev Aditya is a researcher of AI and HCI and an architect of conversational AI models. Apart from his core research work, he also leads the digital transformation of Otermans Institute (OI), an SME, that he has turned from a front-facing training provider to a hypergrowth AI-led digital training and education provider with a focus on conversational AI teaching. His work led to the organization growing from operating in the UK and 3 countries, to 12- countries today - all since 2021. Dev, now 30, is the primary AI-model architect of OIAI- a virtual humanlike on-demand teacher. Apart from his technology role, Dev is a multi-award-winning social innovator and educationist with an incredibly strong passion to eliminate the global skills and employability gap. He was awarded by the UK Prime Minister, named an Under 30 Global Innovator by Innovate UK (for work in AI), and received 4 other national and international recognitions just in 2021. Prior to taking the technological and AI lead in the company, he conducted immersive research across 3200 kilometers in South Asia to help create Otermans Institute's current curriculum and teaching system focused on upskilling underserved learners through transferable skills training to improve their employability. Dev Aditya believes that society has come to a moment in time when the vast majority of underserved persons can be reached, particularly to service education and upskilling, because of the penetration of smart devices and the internet. The way to serve them, he believes, is through AI.

Research interests

Dev Aditya has a passion to provide one-to-one conversational teaching support to everyone in the world, starting with the underserved populations. One of the larger underserved communities that face significant accessibility challenges is hearing-impaired persons - particularly sign language speakers. For them, subtitles and captions do not work and a lack of sign language translation can become a significant barrier for them, especially in the areas of online and digital learning. Over 5% of the world's population – or 430 million people – require rehabilitation to address their 'disabling' hearing loss and 34 million of them are children. It is estimated that by 2050 over 700 million people – or one in every ten people – will have disabling hearing loss (WHO, 2021), and the majority of them could use sign language as their preferred language and method of accessing digital content given the chance. Using AI, Dev Aditya is creating AI-powered digital avatars and AI models to improve accessibility for sign speakers who according to The Guardian face a "digital glass wall".