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Emma is a PhD student at the UKRI CDT in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI at the University of Bath. Her work is focussed on the interpretability of Machine Learning and AI for more informed responsible usage of deep learning algorithms. Her aim is to bridge the gap between the domain of machine reasoning and the space of human understanding for all users by creating improved explainability methods. She holds an MMath in Maths and Computer Science and worked as a Data Scientist prior to her PhD.

Research interests

Emma's research will attempt to further the landscape of deep learning interpretability methods using an interdisciplinary approach across the fields of causal discovery, Bayesian Machine Learning, cognitive science, and ethics. Her research interests centre on improving responsible usage of deep learning algorithms to complement human skills and experience. Aside from Interpretable and Explainable AI, these interests include causality, human understanding and explanation synthesis, and the development and enactment of AI policy and regulation.