Eryn Rigley



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Eryn is a PhD Student of the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton, researching AI ethics. She completed an integrated MA (Hons) in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on AI ethics and environmental ethics. She went on to study for a post graduated MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Applications at Strathclyde University, applying ethical decision making in autonomous system development. Her research is now focusing on including ethics into AI research and development for use in the military.

Research interests

Eryn aims to develop an ecological AI ethics, which considers an ‘AI ecology’ as made up of all stakeholders involved in AI, as well as AI itself, within a complex, interrelated, and interdependent network. Since she is funded by the DSTL, her PhD will propose to them this novel ecological AI ethics perspective, focusing on how this will be applied to defence & security. She plans to develop a range of military use cases with a solid understanding of their technical details, to apply an ecological ethical approach to their development and deployment. She also aims to develop a thorough framework for the application of ecological AI ethics across the military through public policy research and development.