James Murphy



Enrichment Student

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James Murphy is currently a member of the Data analytics and Society CDT programme, based in the Geographic Data Science Lab at the University of Liverpool. His PhD research focuses on utilising remote sensing and machine learning to analyse the spatial and temporal nature of human-environment interactions, with a strong focus on coastal resilience. James has a background in Physical Geography and has completed an MSc in Geographic Data Science.

Research interests

James’ research to date has utilised pixel-wise machine learning methods to quantify spatio-temporal changes across coastal environments. His research with Turing aims to explore these concepts further, utilising the potential of machine learning and AI for monitoring and forecasting changes across highly heterogenous beach environments. Utilising data analytics across coastal environments at this scale not only presents a novel opportunity for exploring comprehensive spatial and temporal dynamics but can also provide a powerful decision-making tool.  James predominantly uses data from ground-based marine radar, which offers autonomous collection of high-resolution imagery. This data includes radar-derived digital elevation models (DEMs) available at consistently high temporal resolutions. This project presents an excellent opportunity for an innovative multidisciplinary study combining social and physical sciences with data science and AI methodologies from Turing collaborators.